Spareparts from stock
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Luxhammar's Spare part Stock and laboratory are located in the most busiest logistic center area of Mikkeli, just next of cross of roads 4 and 72. Central location just next door of "Schenker Express" -terminal and near by courier services , allows quick pickup from Luxhammar's stock for example UPS, DHL, FedEx, TNT like Schencker Express and Kiitolinja.


We own a range of spare parts for heat tretment kilns, boilers, heaters and steam generators to ensure the rapid availability of spare parts in unexpected fault situations. Wide range of spare part together with central location allows same or next day delivery all over the Europe, North-America and Asia.



Luxhammar's 2 floor spare part stock has hundreds of parts available for immediate delivery.




A variety of small and larger parts are bought in larger batches to ensure the competitiveness.



Acquisitions, stock records and deliveries ara managed using modern cloud services. Therefore regardles of location stock levels are always up to date and available immediately for Luxhammar's sales and service staff.




Bar coded parts quarantees excact deliveries from Luxhammar's stock staff.









Services for kilns

Preventive maintenance for industrial production equipment together with regular calibrations of measuring and control equipment ensures reliable operation and high quality of final product month after month and year after year.



Calibrations are important player of product quality. Measuring and control devices under the high-temperature, high humidity and acidic conditions requires regular maintenance and periodic calibrations for reliable operations.



Spare parts from stock

We own a range of spare parts for heat tretment kilns, boilers, heaters and steam generators to ensure the rapid availability of spare parts in unexpected fault situations.



Updates for control units

We Component of industrial automation are designed for long operation time. However, during the years and decades of operation some parts will not be availailable anymore on the market. Therefore some updates might be needed for control unit to qurantee availability of sparaparts. Additionally to keep up with latest development, introduction of new technology requires upgrades to existing control units.



Recipes for new wood

New wood species, new dimensions and improvement of existing recipes are easiest to develope in laboratory scale. In our R&D laboratory we are able to test and develope new recipes with laboratory size kilns to ensure perfect quality of heat treated wood product from the first production patch.




Are you planning to to invest for a heat treatment kilns / thermal modification kiln? Are bankers requesting an update for your business plan? Need to apply building and environmental licence? Need information for applying subsidies? Or do you just need to prepare profit and cost calculation, choice which kind of boiler/heating you need and design the lay-out of the new factory? We have experience of over 15 years for designing wood processing and heat treatment plants wood industry, preparing business plans and work as advisor for preparing profit and cost as well as financial calculations.  



Training for kiln operators

New staff going to run your kilns? Don't worry! We will organize traning for new operators of treatment plant.



24/7 Hotline

Continuos 24/7 Hotline of Luxhammar offers high class availability of support service with telephone and remote control at any time when needed.